At our board meeting, Christa, Georgene and I will evaluate our present out-reach and delivery. One matter will be our new-in-2018 FACEBOOK Ninepatch. (On Facebook, search for “Ninepatch Group.”)

Do you have Monthly Question topics you would like to see discussed?

Would you join a live online conversation with Frances and others if we had one?

If Ninepatch took on a new outreach, what would you like to see? Things like:

* Area meetings?

* Monthly “book club” choice and response?

* Guest columnists?

Please give your thoughts!

1 comment to OUR 2019 BOARD MEETING

  • Tror

    I’d like to see monthly questions that allow us to share tips and methods we use to deal with life like…
    how do you cope with stress/disappointment/etc
    when I’m discouraged, this is how I pick myself back up/keep going

    Yes, I’d likely join online chats with other Ninepatchers and guests, especially if they were specifically topic based. For example, if I knew we had a chat planned for… talking about books, writing or crafting, spiritual experiences, etc.

    Good luck with the meeting, folks : )

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