Nothing much is happening on the dating front. I corresponded with an interesting-sounding man a few times. He wanted to meet me half way between where we live. It was a bit of a drive. I thought about my general state of mind and physical health and didn’t feel any enthusiasm. I didn’t reply.

He must have lost interest because he stopped messaging me. I was actually relieved.

I’ve given the situation a lot of thought and decided to bring the online dating to a close by the end of the month. It really is an inferior way to meet people, but –as some say –it is “the only game in town.”

Elaine (Dec.’18) adds, “I’ve become increasingly mindful that I just don’t seem to find men attractive. I’m not getting feedback from day-to-day experiences that men find me attractive either. I think it’s important to me to be shown signs of male interest, even if it’s just in passing. Male attention would be an affirmation of my femaleness. I would prefer not to feel this way. It reminds me of being in high school and needing a boyfriend. Why am I not okay without male attention?”

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