I don’t know him.
Billy Goat Gruff
Resists anyone
Getting close –

I avoided knowing him,

Except on occasions.

Now without his asking,
I am still the one left –
In a hospital bed

I might have to sit beside,
Me with my own lists
Of people turned away–

I have a suitcase being 

Knitting needles,
Washable wool,

Paper for poems
And pens,

I am supposed to learn 
In life I have avoided,
My brother lost.. 
and finding…

Gayle Bluebird (Dec.’18) adds, “Finding out my brother was in a hospital was a shock though I knew he had been ill. (Funny because he never wanted to admit health problems.)  I had a sense this was serious and that I would be with him for a while.  To be honest I looked forward to it and it did work out that way. There are more poems written.  Contact me at

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