Our topic for this month is the question,”If neither time nor money were an issue, what do you think would be the most enjoyable way to travel from New York to California? 

           Our Ninepatch treasurer Georgene (Oct.’18) responds to the travel question above. “I can’t imagine driving coast-to-coast in a car unless I had no time deadline

and a bucket of money for hotels and activities along the way. But, even then, the packing and unpacking would make me crazy.

Driving a motor-home would be an annoyance due to parking and route limitations.

What I would gain in packing convenience I would lose in access restrictions.

Traveling by a private jet would be the most enjoyable. In my business life, one time I experienced flying on “the company plane.” The elite terminal with its close-in parking and snack amenities made airport time a breeze! The food, drink and freedom to move around the plane made the flight time comfortable.

Again, I would need a bucket of money to pay for the plane and everything I would need/want and do once I got to my destination. However, the coast-to-coast trip would be most enjoyable!”


Our January ‘19 topic will continue and the new February topic is, “I feel most at peace when I…”

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