Following are several detailed comments from ourNinepatch Facebook Group topic,Memorable teachers.”

Georgene (See Monthly Question) “Fred Jacobs, hands down! I had a monster school girl crush. Mr. Jacobs was my teacher for high school 
American History, Government, Sociology –anything he taught. Eight years after high school I ran into Fred and we went out for a drink, which led to a few dates, and finally a talk about our age difference. (15 years, if I remember right). He let me down easy but I held that torch for a long time. Great teacher and a very nice man.”


Simon Stargazer III (See his poem in THREAD.): “My favorite high school teacher was Paul Zavits who taught Physics, Chemistry and Shop in ways that truly related to the real world. (I was the only one in my class who could run up almost vertical stairs fast enough to generate horsepower!) I also learned about the piezo-electric, a characteristic of quartz crystals. Doppler effects are based on these characteristic’s behaviors. I later used these ideas in my Ultrasound careers.

Of course I learned which elements could be used to create fun powder (slow-burning gun powder) that burned in different colors without blowing me up! That was great for homemade Roman Candles in my dorm room and set off in the middle of campus to impress my girlfriend! Oh yeah, and Shop taught me how to do repairs and projects around home without visiting the ER!”


Gail (Nov.’18) “The question asking about our favorite teacher reminded me of Mr. Paul Brooks, my Sophomore Plane Geometry teacher, whose favorite line as he chalked the formulas on the blackboard, was, “Now, can’t you see the logic of this!” 

He would say it with a big appealing athletic-looking smile.  Math of any ilk was not my favored subject, but he made math more interesting, showing that there was a reliable formula to solve a problem, math being the only exact science.

English was my favorite subject.  I love words. Vocabulary words to memorize was a fun way to learn.  Our English teacher was excellent.  She gave us the assignment of practicing our weekly words on our fellow students.  ‘Scintillating’ was one of my sparkling stand-out enjoyable words to share.  ‘You gave a scintillating account of cheer-leaders performance last night!’   She taught a Shakespeare play each of our four years in high school.”

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