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Dear Readers and E- readers, 

    Ever spin your tires in mud, sinking sand or snow, unable to get traction?

    Frustrating, right?  You work and work. Sometimes you are lucky and grab a toehold. Other times you call for help, still others you work yourself out of the spot.  I recall in my early Northern snowy adventures, I drove forward and back, rocking the car until I –somehow– dove out of the bad spot.

 I was in such a frustrating spot when I came back to Florida in 2017. I was working hard, but going nowhere. Thus, I did not even remember the 2018 game I normally send in the December issue– the Ninepatch GIFT to readers.

 I found it last week. (Since I remembered how busy am when I first return to Florida I had it prepared before I left Indiana.)

 As I said, it’s a game, a get- to- know- yourself- better game designed for your response.     I suggest 1) print the game pages so you can draw /write your answer before you see the game authors’ suggested solutions.  OR, get a piece of paper to respond  when you see the empty box designed for responses.

It’s really more “fun” if you don’t look ahead.

 As always there is no “right” answer.  I  look forward to readers’ results and hope you will share!

 It’s never too late! Merry 2018 Christmas!  The game follows my name.

 Blessings***Frances Fritzie      


Dear Readers,

         Here is yet another game from Kokology, The Game of Self-Discovery, the first book by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito.

 I chose one I hope you can (and will) draw! I love to see readers’ sketches and hope you will play along with me.  

       This game brought me to my favorite place to visit. I have always felt it was the breath-taking lime, aqua and royal blue colors of Gulf of Mexico’s Florida beaches that touched me so deeply. However, perhaps there is more to it.

As always, I hope the game will help you know yourself better! 

Frances Fritzie

Editor of Ninepatch


Imagine a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight. Just thinking about it should gie your spirits a little lift. Now turn your mind’s eye down to survey the landscape. Which of the following scenes feels most calming and relaxing to you?

1. A white snowy plain.

2. A blue seascape.

3. A green mountain.

4. A field of yellow flowers.

Draw whatever you see below before turning over the page for an explanation.

( My response is a photo of the Gulf at Anna Maria Island, Florida)

“The color blue has power to soothe the soul. Even a blue image in the mind can slow the pulse and make you take a deep breath. Other colors have significance, too.  The scene you pictured contrasts against that clear blue sky reveals a hidden talent that resides in the depths of your untroubled mind.

1.       A white snowy plain.

Your are blessed with a special sensitivity that allows you to comprehend situations

at a glance and decipher complex problems without needing any proof or

explanation.  You have what it takes to be a clear-sighted decision maker and even

something of a visionary. Always trust your first intuitions; they will guide you well.

2.       A blue seascape.

You have a natural talent for interpersonal relations. People respect your ability to communicate with others and the way you help bring diverse groups together. Just by being around, you help others work more smoothly and efficiently, making you an invaluable member of any project or team. When you say, ‘Nice job. Keep up the good work.’ People know you mean it. So it means that much more to them.”

3.       A green mountain.

Your gift is for expressive communication. You always seem be able to find the words to express the way you feel, and people soon realize it’s exactly how they were feeling, too. They say that joy shared is multiplied, while shared grief is divided. You always seem able to help others find the right side of that equation.

4.       A field of yellow flowers.

             You are a storehouse of knowledge and creativity, bursting with ideas and almost

               infinite potential. Keep attuned to the feelings of others and never stop working on

                     building your dream and there is nothing you cannot achieve.


Dear Readers,

When I read this game, I imagined my favorite vacation spot where my younger son and I go nearly every year for a long weekend –after the peak season.  However, when I read what the Kokology authors wrote about the seascape, I could hardly believe it described me.   

Maybe my attachment to the sea is more about being on vacation—not cooking or running errands,. A Gulf Beach is where I imagine going for consolation if I were in dire trouble and for generally being closer to my Higher Power.

Thanks for playing the game! I am eager to see your choices and hope you will haul out your colored pencils or markers. (A magazine photo would do as well.)


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