Back toward the end of May 2018 I took a walk. The day was chilly and rainy with thick fog moving like a cloud bank off a stormy lake or ocean. I felt like exploring so I took one of the outdoor kitties and we walked over to a neighbor’s back pasture. I hoped to see a deer or tom turkey. Maybe even spy a hawk, eagle or osprey that hung out back there,

I didn’t see any critters until I noticed a slight movement in tall grassI reached for my camera and zoomed in on the dark object busy digging, its nose to the ground. It lifted its head to sniff the air, then went back to digging, again.

At first, I thought the critter’s long tail covered in thick black hair was its body. The creature was all black except for a startling white strip from its two front legs over its shoulders down to the spine to where it met in a point.

I figured this lovely (Yes, indeed lovely!) skunk was between two and three feet long from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail.

Malaina (Jan.’19) adds, “Undoubtedly, the skunk was out in the marvelous heavy fog hunting grubs and roots.

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