Back cover of The Children’s Act

Back cover of
The Children’s Act

I picked up The Children’s Act for one Swiss franc (about one US dollar) at a local renfile, where all kinds of donated goods are sold for very reasonable prices. (I looked up “renfile” in my French-English dictionary. It comes from “renfiler: to rethread, to thread again, restring: clothing: to slip back into….”)

Here’s how reading the book developed:

1-1-19 Trying to get into the book, The Children’s Act by Ian McEwan.  Think I’ve started it about four times, then something or other makes continuing it impossible.

1-3-19 Would you believe I’m still trying to get into my book!?    Oh my!

1-12-19 Would you believe that I’ve lost it?!!! I haven’t had a chance to really search but I can’t imagine where it could be.  I had a guest here for a few days….

Life has just been too busy for reading!

  Betsy (Jan. ‘19) adds, “I saw a film with my neighbor and good friend, ”Bohemian Rhapsody.”  Really enjoyed it and recommend it!”

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