We have only one past to remember.

We only have the present to experience….

But think of all the exciting futures we have!

And, we get to pick and work on developing them!

           Simon Stargazer III (Jan.’19) expands, “Today, I was thinking of my brother, John, who is in his late 80s and appears to be fading fast.  Last year, his son Scott flew him across the country in a private plane, to visit family and places that were important in his long life. I knew this was his “last hurrah,” and we would probably not see him again. It reminded me of 1958, when my aunt Laura and uncle Ivan drove out from California with my 95-year-old grandfather for the same kind of memory visit. (Next.)

My folks and I joined them for part of the journey through the Midwest. It also made me think of 2014 when my kids and I flew out to California to take my brother Thayer on a last memorial trek up into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. In each instance, each of us had but one past with its special memories.  And we still had choices on what our future path might be!”

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