Colors flown,

out of our hands.

Dogs with Sarah and I

under blankets,

Cassie’s bed –

Cassie now cradled in God’s

hammock hands,

being gently ever so lifted

across the map

and placed with utmost

cosmic care

into warm safe cozy final bed,

*flooding motion of cells

and aura still calibrating

from the rocketing liftoffs

and landings of the day,

Mind and heart filled with hope,

happiness, anticipation –

until cloaky fog of dream memory,

sleepy images: waterfall of home,


Christmas laughter and tender

            creativity –

the bare bones, pure swell,

love trio holy envelopment,

spirits taken up.

We will all,



Brian Janisse (Jan. ‘19) adds, “Our daughter comes home for Christmas and for summer breaks, while finishing high school in California. Letting her go is never easy.”

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