On my way…

Today, knowing what to expect,

Yet not knowing –

I have listened to doctors,

Nurses, anesthesiologists,

And physician’s

Assistant –

But my brother’s speech,

Too garbled to understand,

The dimensions of a tumor

Are known but how could he

Have known?

As much as we know

From charts,

We don’t know much

About it –

My brother may know

I am on my way –

But what we have to

Say to each other,

Is, too, unknown –

But silence is a great

Communication if

Eyes connect.

The tumor cannot be


Not to be excised,

they say,

Our moments together

Will have to suffice,

Worth what we lost –

Just being there

Will be a blessing.

Gayle Bluebird (Jan. ‘19) adds, “Brother Charles was in better condition than I thought due to nutrition entering his veins…his bark is only occasional. I think he is glad I am there.

Hospital has a residence for family members at a small rate. I will be there tonight….”

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