A couple of Ninepatchers commented on the topic, “The last time I really had fun was…” Following are their comments:

Linda Rosenthal (See her letter in this issue.) said, “We had great fun wandering around Tombstone, Arizona, this past week. It was the first time that either of us had been there. I enjoy history and there is plenty of it to experience in that town. Learning gives me joy, too.”


Dottie (Dec. ‘18) said, “It was actually last Saturday. With our ‘Fun Group’ of men and women held at a private home. This group has been in existence for twenty years. It was a combination pot luck, 4 birthdays and participating in the murder mystery “Murder in the Roaring 20’s.” I had the role of Sydney Hilton.

I had never acted before but was told I was one of the 2 best actors in the play. Of course, being with friends made all the difference. I saw a different side of me. We had to solve this murder. So fun and so much laugher!”


Cathieis mother of four, three girls and one boy. Married. Grandma. Cathie’s quote is, “Namaste.” In Facebook Ninepatch she said, “Went to Notre Dame to watch the women’s basketball team beat Louisville last week!”

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