Editor’s note: Many weathermen described the Polar Vortex, (the recent extreme cold which visited the Midwest and East) as a once-in-a- generation event. Following are comments and stories of our readers Polar Vortex experiences.

Dottie (Feb.19) writes, The weather has been rough but I was only stuck inside one day.  Went to play Pickleball one day when I really shouldn’t have left the house. But it was only three miles and I had no problem (Was even more fun as only a few came.)  No mail delivery for two days and all of Ft. Wayne didn’t have garbage pickup all week. Surprisingly.  The sun was out each day which helps a lot, deceiving though.  A little scary when the temperature is at record low levels.”


Muffin (June ‘18) says, (Written after the Vortex passed.) “Still cold here, but sunny so that makes it better! It was VERY COLD last week -don’t ever need that again!!!”


Connie (Oct.’14) tells this story, It is truly difficult to explain how cold it was.  On top of the cold was the wind.   It would take your breath away and you could hardly stand up because it felt like it would blow you over.

  It would have been nice to be able to just stay inside, but I had promised to take a friend of mine to Cleveland Clinic for an evaluation.  It was snowing so hard as we went that I could hardly see and I just drove 40 mph on the (I-80) toll road.

Luckily, there was not much traffic.   Getting off the road for a stop or break was not an option. We couldn’t see where the ramps were to exit with all the blowing snow.  

  On the way home the snow was behaving, but it was so cold.  When I left Cleveland, I wanted to ‘top off’ my gas tank but getting gas was so difficult.  The pumps at the station were not working well because they were so cold. I had to keep going back and forth to the clerk inside to see how to get gas once I had put in my credit card.  I sure missed my husband who always takes care of filling my car!”


Gail (See her letter in AROUND THE FRAME.) writes, “We had a harrowing loss of power on Jan.21, 2019 -Martin Luther King Day. Husband Harry’s grandson, wife and family arrived about 7 pm after their 2-hour trip to see him. Five minutes later the power went out. The young people immediately took charge, went to Home Depot, bought a generator and returned to set it up for us. I had called hospice right away and they called our oxygen supplier to deliver extra tanks. It was a beautiful example of everything being in Divine order and God doing for us what we could not do for ourselves. (Angels among us always.) Ten minutes after the generator was set up, our power came back. 

Another time the battery on my car quit and our wonderful neighbor came to our rescue. Yet another friend followed me to Walmart to be sure the car didn’t quit again. I purchased a new battery and all is well.

The same grandson and his wife were here again to prepare a favorite meal and were here to be with their grandpa while I was away. We have plenty to be grateful for!

This has been THE worst long winter I can remember!”


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