Yesterday morning had the most beautiful deep, deep blue sky I have seen in quite some time. I headed out for a walk.

The frozen pond was covered with white snow powder blown about by the wind. The snow resembled sand after a creek or river goes down after a heavy rain.

I shuffled in the snow along the edge of the frozen pond, said hello to the neighbors then headed to the dam via the frozen pond. Finishing my circuit, I went back to the house.

I had let out the chix before going on the short walk. However, not a single one was out in the snow-filled yard, so I closed them up again.

They can’t wait for spring.

Malaina (Feb. 19) adds, “Sometime last week, I walked to the pond just as a hawk flew low and over it. Somewhere behind me a pileated woodpecker called out. A few chickadees were scattered in the evergreen trees. That was a lovely day, too.

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