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Our Question of the Month: What’s the longest line you ever stood in?

Elaine (Nov.-Dec.’08) says,The longest line I have ever stood in is the line at the

Times Square TKTS booth where same-day tickets to Broadway shows are sold.

I don’t know the line’s length since it wrapped (and wrapped!!) around barriers. The longest I stood in the line was probably ninety minutes. Among the shows I saw in the ‘80s after “` standing in line were “Cats,” “Lullaby of Broadway,” “Woman of the Year,” and “La Cage Aux Folles.”


Next month’s question: “When I feel a distance growing between a friend and me, I usually…”

Editor’s note: Do you have a question you would like to see others’ comment on? Send it to Editor Frances at one of our addresses at the bottom of page 12.



A Self-Discovery Game

Editor’s note: Included with our Nov.-Dec.’08 issue was a self-discovery exercise. We hope readers will use it get to know themselves better.

Palma (Jan.’09) sent us her drawing which appears to be, “A babbling brook running through one corner of the property.” She gives us a bird’s eye view from the air.

In Kokology 2, the games’ authors, Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito suggest this might mean, You don’t make a clear distinction between your social and private lives. You maintain an open door policy to the world and think of strangers as friends you just haven’t met yet. That openness and spirit of hospitality ensures that come what may in life, you will never have to face it alone.

Palma, comments, “I’m not much of an artist but I chose #3 because I love the sound of running water. Also, I’m not big on rivers– I prefer lakes or oceans. I was surprised when I read the interpretation It really fits me!”



Next month, you’ll read Elaine’s thoughts on our theme “How do you really feel about being a parent?”

Also waiting for March ’09 is another of Le’s family-name tales and Wallace tells more about seeing the little tattooed boy “At the Pharmacy.” Among our letters are one from LindaSue and Jane who had recently found another lump in her breast. In addition, there’ll be book reviews and BEDSIDE TABLE comments. Of course, you won’t want to miss poems by Gail and Stargazer!

Hope to see your comment in our MONTHLY QUESTION, SPECIAL TOPIC I mentioned above or a plain ol’ letter!

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