(Part 2 of 4)

Previously:  Linda and her husband Bill were in Arizona on their winter adventuring. For more than a month all had gone smoothly. Then their Jeep was hit by another driver.

Before our trouble, Hubby and I had been having a good day.  In the morning we had hunted for fire agate, a semi-precious material, about fifteen miles northeast of our campsite. Later we continued north to Clifton, Arizona, nestled into the nearby mountains.  We found some small pieces of fire agate, but I think many years of being picked over by rock hounds has played this site out.

Clifton is a mining town, tied to the nearby Morenci Mine, in one of the largest copper reserves in the world.  We found some very interesting local history and some picturesque photos to take.   

Approaching Clifton

After we were hit coming back from Clifton to our campsite everything changed.  Though no one was injured, after the accident, even the quarter mile walk back to our campground didn’t help my anger and sadness.

I was not in good shape mentally. All of our plans seemed to be flushing down the drain.  It was a holiday and we couldn’t get any of the insurance business done until the claims people returned to work the next day.  I didn’t sleep well that night.  (See next page.)

When we finally reached agents, we thought that the situation was under control.  But, the next day when I called the tow company and the collision shop to find out what was going on, I learned that the insurance company had not contacted either of them.  I took charge and handled the situation, but I had been misled and wasn’t happy.

        Sitting in our RV, I was, off and on, inconsolable. My husband was upset that he could not ease my angst when I cried.  He was angry, too.  We resolved to work on accepting the situation and support each other.

The bottom line was: there we sat.

          Linda Rosenthal (Mar.’19) adds, “The repair check was finally issued, but the body shop is slow.  I took the advice of the insurance claims representative and chose the service name they mentioned.  But, it is a small town and a rural area. I don’t know when we are going to get our Jeep back.”

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