Every day I wake up and look around and I am in awe of what God did, just everything he created. He gave every animal its own set of unique behaviors.

Within one family of birds, the nightjars here in America, there are different subgroups with unique sets of behaviors.

For instance, nighthawks that spend most of the time on the wing at dusk and dawn. They fly a lot like bats but they have their own unique display which involves diving through the air. This creates a booming noise with their wings -it’s kind of a courtship thing.

The whippoorwills and chuck-wills-widows sing their names as well as fly. By contrast to the night hawk, their flights are short and they spend as much time perching in trees and singing as they do catching insects in flight. (When flying, chucks and whips look like large fruit bats).

As with human being, the birds have different regional dialects. For example, Southwestern Whippoorwills have a more raspy call than their Eastern cousins. This is no mistake. God made these creatures and gave them the different varieties of behaviors. It’s almost like an avian version of human culture.

Members of the same bird family in the same area are doing different things. In a wooded area chuck will’s widow and whippoorwills are doing their own thing while nighthawks right over their heads are flying around catching bugs.

Bookworm (Feb.’19) “God has an order for things in nature. In a similar way God created Asperger’s (Syndrome) people with unique brains to fill their own niche.”

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