A friend often sends me the “God Squad” column from her Saturday newspaper. The author, Jewish Rabbi Marc Gellman, is such a wise man!  (See next page.)

In a recent column, he said he did not fully understand how one could love their enemies.

I agree. It’s likely the most a human can shoot for is to want fairness for their enemy. Loving them is likely not in the cards. 

Rabbi Gellman went on to talk about other kinds of love. It got me to thinking. I’ve always thought of love as a bond that is like two strands of rope that become much stronger when they are interwoven as one. 

I never fell for the Jerry Mcquire “You complete me” line of thinking. 


Chantal (Mar.’19) adds, “Other than book club earlier this week, I’ve not been heading out much because of the March cold spell with fierce wind.” 

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