He was a solitary soul,
Kept closeness far from
His inner self where we all
Seek connection,
But then there are memories
The wash tub
splash of childhood
In summer;
Walks in winter when
Snow covered sidewalks,
And we wore rubber boots;
In summer
roller skates, playing marbles
Or parcheesi—
We both had a hard time
At dinner when
He refused Lima beans,
And I, asparagus;
We both felt a strap
On our behinds,

His more often than mine—

Years passed,
You never married;
I did—
You kept to yourself
Your life—
I almost forgot about you—
This past week,

we blessed each other:

I was to stay on earth,
You were to leave,
But our breaths lingered
Until you could do no more,
I was able to say in a whisper
“I love you”
And wish you well
On your final journey…

  Gayle Bluebird (Mar.’19) says, “Wishing I had more memories of my brother over the years, but we each found a way to survive that excluded us from each other.  Surprisingly, I discovered that we did come together more than I thought.” 

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