There once was a teacher

Of a Sunday School Class

Who shuddered when she saw

The poverty of the mass.

She dutifully prayed

For their misguided souls

Then she talked in sweet terms

Of the mission fund goals.

Then there were the members

Of the Sunday School Class

Who bargained with God

To fight for the mass.

But they talked of a carpet

To warm their cold feet,

And so missed the battle

For which they were meet.

The carpet was laid

On the floor with care,

In hope that the members

Would often come there

To share in the glow

Of the comfort it gave

As they supplicated

With God, and He forgave.

There sat the teacher

Humble and proud

And surveyed with a smile

Her noble small crowd.

Each Sunday they came

Dressed in their best,

Prepared to serve

An example to the rest.

And so it was that

The poor never knew

The contribution they made

To the comfort of the few,

Warm and snug…

Inspired by a rug.

June Poucher (Mar. ‘19) adds, “Some of my old memories still bring a smile.”

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