Memorial Day rain,

daughter Cassie inside practices piano,

birds chirp all over,

cars pounding bass . . .

juxtaposed images produce

mind gap illumination lightning,

a synapse fire.

Cassie today

walking in morning sun

holding my hand


Daddy, you’re the best boy in the whole world!”

Cassie almost three.

Cassie passed out on momma Mia’s lap, sprawled on massage chair, both blessed heads turned floppily over to the left.

I love that jiggling mass of flesh and cotton,

but especially I rejoice in

our true and unburdened souls: beneath, around and through.

Cassie eating ice cream sandwich

in sun, pink shirt butterfly

orange skirt,

squint in eye,

back patio poolside-

so beautiful!

Prism lays rainbow green across Cassie’s young lady chop-hair face, begraced. So much flashed

in that green throw of light

on her face.

Brian Janisse (Mar.’19) adds, “My daughter’s baby book is comprised of real-time word sketches. The ‘photos’ here are but a glimpse.

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