If you could have a memento of any famous person, who is it and what would you want it to be?”

This month Georgene (Jan.’19) comments on our question. “I’ve been wracking my brain to think of some memento I would like to 

have from a famous person. The challenge is that I don’t really care that much about mementos from famous people.

I recall when I used to work for a publisher. Employees were always standing in line for authors to sign books. I never did. Another time, my husband took me to a retro music concert that included my favorite band from my junior high days.

I loved the concert. But when I wouldn’t stand in line to get my ticket signed by the lead vocalist, he did it for me. I can’t tell you where it is today.

I have a few mementos from special people in my life. The dolphin figurine Editor Frances sent me is one of those mementos. I enjoy it every day as it frolics near a sand sculpture given to me by the friend who coordinated my wedding reception and the sea shell vase a long-time friend helped me com-pose of shells collected over the years for my ocean-themed bedroom.

Now, my husband and I are seriously preparing to down-size. Next year we’ll move into a continuing care community.

I’m using all my energy discerning and letting go of unimportant things.

As Itry to clear out my home before the move,I can’t even begin to imagine bringing

something in… even if it is an imaginary memento from someone I admire!


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