(Part 3 of 4)

Previously: While on their winter RV sojourn in the Southwest, Linda and her husband were hit by another driver in a small town in Arizona. Repairs were bogged down.

I’m falling in and out of depression.  I feel so frustrated!

The national parks and monuments that we wanted to see are closed because of the government shutdown.  So, we’re doing the best that we can to keep ourselves entertained while we wait and wait and w-a-i-t for the Jeep repairs. 

Our motor home isn’t exactly a convenient form of transportation, but it’s all we have right now.  We are now about two hours away from where the Jeep is located — another long story. 

The process of getting our convenient transportation back is so slow.  I want everything to be as we planned and running smoothly. It’s not. 

Take care, hope all is right with you,


Linda Rosenthal (Apr.’19) adds, “I’m not doing so good right now.”

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