Like losing a family member or friend, I have always mourned the death of each family cat. Two lived to reach old age: TreeCat and KeeKee. Both were family members from the get-go.

  TreeCat was a kitten when she literally stepped down a tree branch and onto my shoulders. The pale gray-striped kitten with white socks adopted me and my son the moment she climbed down the old hemlock.

She remained balanced on my shoulders for quite a while, even when my son and I walked to the car after leaving the general store where I had inquired about the kitten.

In the store I had been told, “She’s a drop-off. Take her home.”

She became a very dignified feline.

Kee-Kee, a very small chocolate point Siamese,came to me by way of a friends I was visiting. We were standing in the kitchen talking when the compact little cat jumped up on the kitchen counter and checked me over.

Automatically, I reached over, picked her up and hugged her. I began to cry. My other Siamese had died a few years before and I hadn’t quite gotten over her passing.

So it was, I adopted KeeKee. The small animal immediately took over babysitting my two kids who were young at the time. The little animal had a tendency to get between me and the kids when I yelled. She would yowl at me, even bump up against my ankles a time or two if she thought I was going to swat her “charges.”

One time when she couldn’t find the children, she came yowling to “tell” me they were gone.

Malaina (Apr.19) adds, “That time KeeKee came to me, both son and daughter had slipped outside when they weren’t supposed to!”

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