Two of my favorite pipe organs to listen to are the 1783 organ at the Priory of Souvigny, France and the 1791 organ at Poitiers Cathedral, France. What do they have in common? Both were built during a time of turmoil in France. Both were also built by a man under the employ of the monarchy,

Francois-Henri Clicquot was the royal organ-builder of Louis XVI.

At this time of political disorder a few similar pipe organs were pulled down because they were “religious symbols.” However, these two instruments survived to the present day with very few changes.

Unfortunately, Clicquot’s boss, the king, was dragged out and beheaded two years after the Poitiers Cathedral organ was built. That ended the organ builder’s royal work.

portiers cathedral, france

Poitiers Cathedral, France

Both pipe organs have weathered time and storms to become national historic treasures. 

Bookworm (Apr. 19) adds, “I have had my storms in life, too. I, too, have been tempted and sometimes to want to give up and hate God for putting me through the troubles. But it’s like my pastor said there is a reason and a purpose for the storms I go through. God will never EVER leave nor forsake me and He is always there.”

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