Sit. Stay, Think as Prayer

Going through on a rainy day,
Drawers, stacks of boxes of
Model cars, cabinets full of
Canned goods,
Shirts, coats on hangars,
Photographs from years,
Back, like turning back a clock,
Though time in reality,
Has in years moved up
To now—

On a couch I sit,
Space is open,
My mind in river’s
I am in a kind of mirage,
A story of fantasy,
Sleep could easy free me
But then awake I find me
Here and still
Breathing easy…So.

Photo of my brother as a child.

Gayle Bluebird (Apr.’19) adds, “Death is not just the act of dying, the presence of the person taking flight as if in a dream to a new place we call Heaven. It is also the taking apart a life in files, drawers filled with papers, the looking at old letters even those written by yourself.  It is a wonder: mo-ments of discovering truth, be-coming close to parts of a person you didn’t know. Then there is the decision which things to take with you.  All of these moments have emotions attached. In becoming closer to the brother I did not know well, I struggled with what of his to keep. Most things I carried away in my heart. 

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