Following are several comments from our Ninepatch Facebook sharing. Our topic for the third week in April 2019 was: “One thing I like to do around the house is…”

Bookworm (See FABRICS) “Read God’s Word and talk to friends.”


Frances Fritzie (Editor) “One thing I like to do around the house is a creative project! Recently I have been decorating plain envelopes for family birthday and anniversary cards. I keep most of my supplies in Florida, so I decorate envelopes for my time in Indiana ahead of time and carry them North with me.”


Gail (See also her letter) “I talk to my two outdoor cats and treat my flowers as pets, too. I’m trying to develop a green thumb. I like growing my flower gardens outside.”

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Following are weekly topics for May 2019 comment:

Week 1: “The most dangerous thing I would like to try to do would be…”

Week2: “I learned about sex from…”

Week 3: “Growing up, my family celebrated birthdays by…”

Week 4: “The animal my personality most resembles is…”

Week 5: “I wish I had more…”

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