I dreamt I was a tulip
Growing in a field
Near windmills turning
And a bluest sky—
I dreamt myself in purple
But whites and pinks were
Next to me—
No borders, no lines,
I could barely see the
All was well;
As a tulip I leaned 
Back and forth
But never fell—
Green stems kept me
Planted well, I stayed
In a vast field.

Beauty never strayed
Nor could a painter 
Ever capture,
What was there seen
For real.

Gayle Bluebird (May ‘19) adds, “Tulips are thought of in the kindest way.  I have always loved Holland and thought that is where I should be.  Only once did I have the opportunity to see a field of tulips near Amsterdam, a favorite memory.  Tulips do not bloom in Florida which is a mistake but when you prefer warm weather you have a sacrifice to make, tulips for instance.   Wishing I could be tulip, a natural thought dream.  Enjoy more of my poetry on my FACEBOOK page.

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