In the May 2019 issue, I mentioned I liked the author Catherine Ryan Hyde. Her main characters are usually strong women.

Editor Frances asked for specific titles I liked. I keep a notebook of titles I have read and looked through it with the following results:

        I loved these: Allie and Bea; Take Me with You; Worthy; Say Goodbye for Now; Where We Belong.

            These were good: When I Found You; Pay It Forward.

         I liked these which are listed in order of preference:  When You Were Older; Ask Him Why; Love in The Present Tense; Leaving Blythe River.

        I didn’t care for these: Heaven Adjacent; Becoming Chloe; Second Hand Heart; Language of Hoofbeats.

June Poucher (May 2019) says, “Catherine Ryan Hyde is a prolific author, but not all of her books struck me the same way.”

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