Previously: After an accident, their RV’s towed vehicle was hit in a small Arizona town. Stranded in the large RV, Linda and her husband awaited repair. Linda experienced much sadness, disappointment, and consternation.

After three and a half weeks of waiting, our Jeep returned from the small town’s body shop.  The waiting was a struggle.  Miscommunication created anxiety. The insurance company sent the repair check to our home address in Michigan instead of issuing it directly to the body shop in Arizona. 

  In the meantime, Bill and I made a proverbial lemonade experience with our motor-home.  We were limited by where we could park because of the motorhome’s 35-foot length. However, we managed to find plenty of joy in southern Arizona.

Spanish Mission
Spanish Mission

Both of us saw and walked among saguaro cacti for the first time, visited a Cold War missile museum, toured a marvelous old Spanish mission dating from 1797 and walked the famous old western town of Tombstone.

We found a very welcoming community of RVers at a resort community in Benson, Arizona, and hiked through a nearby “living cave” called Kartschner Caverns.

With the return of our Jeep “toad” (RVer slang for the tow vehicle that travels behind a motorhome), we spent time finding the places that we wanted to visit in Arizona before the accident.  My sadness and disap-pointment gradually drained away. 

Linda Rosenthal (May ’19) adds, “We picked up where we left off in our adventures in the Southwest.” 

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