I’ve been working on scrap books of “leftover photos” of our family, pets, and some friends. I probably threw out close to two hundred before I could tackle the project.

I have a low tolerance for this kind of work, so my progress is slow. Once I got into the work, I threw out some of the album covers and bought three-ring binders to place the inserts. Definitely a choice of function over form.

I have pictures of my parents, my mother and her second husband together, and also my husband’s older relatives who came over from Europe. (Sadly, my kids don’t seem to have much interest in relatives they never knew.) I also have photos of myself and some handsome pictures of my husband. I doubt my kids have seen any of them.

I started this project February 2019 but I burned out on the project. In the last two weeks I attacked the photos again and finished three albums!

Now I’m down to a category I’ve named “miscellaneous.” I haven’t come up with a way to organize these pictures and started stressing about it. So, I’ve tidied up the piles and they are now back in the guest room waiting for me to find inspiration.

Elaine (June ‘19) adds, “I so wanted to conquer this project, but I reached a point where my organizational skills failed me.”

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