In 1981 Mount St. Helens blew it’s top. I was six years old when that happened and I remember watching all

of the TV footage. The whole side of the mountain blew off into a pyroclastic flow. It basically levelled trees

for miles and miles and killed about ten people.

Today most of the trees that were levelled and the wildlife have come back into the area. And tourists are back visiting the national park that is there.
September 11th was a terrible day in history. I also watched TV as the towers collapsed. I heard stories of heroes and sacrifices firemen and policemen made to help people who were hurting.

Years back my pastor shared the story of a NYC Port Authority Boatlift operation. In the midst of the 9-11 tragedy, the captains of many of the Port Authority Boats saw all the people standing on the Manhattan Island shore wanting to brought to safety. Those captains made trip after trip, carrying many people off the island. That was another true story of 9/11 heroism.

And five years ago, I read a book written by the Lisa Beamer, widow of Flight 93 “Let’s roll!” hero Todd Beamer. She told how the whole circumstance of his heroic passing brought her to a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.
Whenever there is a massive tragedy, whether it’s man-made or natural, new life is going to come out of it. Good will always come out of it.

I believe someday we are all going to stand in front of the lord look back at our lives. We will be shown how God used many of our struggles and trials for His greater good.

Bookworm (June ‘19) adds, “The purpose of our lives is to do good, create life and bless others.”

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