This book by Marie Benedict follows the life and career of Mileva Maric, who became Mrs. Albert Einstein. A Serbian girl whose father encourages her education, partly because she was born with a limp, and the family believes no one will marry her.

        She is accepted at the University of Zurich. She is the only girl in the physics class and the professor does not hide his contempt. She works hard and excels over her male peers. Albert Einstein is clearly taken with her.

        Albert and Mileva have a wonderful courtship and he treats her as an intellectual equal. They work together and she becomes pregnant with a daughter.

        The premise of this story is that Mileva discovered the Theory of Relativity. They co-wrote the paper though he later removed her name without her knowledge. He publishes all their work under his name only. He becomes increasingly bitter and vindictive. Mileva wants a divorce but that is not an easy thing in the early 1900’s.

June Poucher (June ‘19) adds: “This is the story of one of the most overlooked women of science.”

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