Too many lives

Hang unbalanced,
Though the sky forever
Waits in blue

For what we never know,
Time has no planned

For-whence we-entered,
Nor-when-we leave.

Have flowers growing
In gardens—
They fade,
And die.

But we know better
When they leave us,
Our vases still filled
With water,
Emptied are replaced,
With new life flowers

What we can never

Do is replace a friend.

Gayle Bluebird (June ‘19) adds, “Flowers are easy to re-place with new flowers and a change of water, a bit of work and challenge.  But replacing a friend is never easy, certainly not replicable.  The message of this poem is to hang on to beauty, and to friends as fiercely as possible because they will not always be with us.  (Join me on my Face-book page for more poems.)

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