LindaSue colored this quilt.

colored this quilt.

I went to a funeral the other day

Something strange was at play

Everyone was smiling I saw

Even down to the distant in-law

What could account for this behavior?

Didn’t someone just meet

their maker?

Memories of a life well spent

Could not darken this event

Fabulous stories and pictures

all revealed

Events and celebrations of a life

well heeled…

Not in money, but love of family

and friends

Like Love from above,

that just never ends

They were celebrating

the continuation of a life

Which was now surpassing

its final strife.

Simon Stargazer III (June ‘19) adds, “My seventh older brother died earlier this year, and I drove to near Peoria last weekend for the celebration of his life. I have one brother left. He lives in California and supports himself by house sitting for millionaires! (He spends winters in Mexico, too. It must be nice!)”

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