Following are comments from the first week in June, when the topic was,“Between the ages of seven and twelve, I lived…”.

Stargazer III (June ‘19) said,“…in Grandmother’s house at 610 First Street in Woodland, California, then Oakland, California, next near the University of Nevada, reno, then 310 Kenilworth Ave., Duluth, Minnesota and finally in Collinsville, Illinois!”


Christa (Jan.’18) said, “…in two different places in two towns that were right next to each other. That meant I stayed in the same schools, but moving was tough. We went from a whole house to a tiny half-house apartment.”


Frances Fritzie (Editor) said, “ … at 410 East Douglas Street, Goshen, Indiana in a large brown-shingled, three-bedroom bath and a half house. We moved there when I started third grade. The move was only half a mile, but having that half bath was really helpful! I still drive by every now and then. Ah, memories!”


Elaine (See her FABRICS story) said, “… on Sunset Blvd. and then on South Eighth Street, both in Goshen, Indiana. Mom and Dad built the house on South Eighth Street and paid CASH!”


Liz /Moascar (June ‘19) wrote, “I lived in Marlow, Buckingham-shire by the river Thames, England. I attended primary school in a WWII steel Nissen (Quonset) Hut that was in the middle of a beech woods. We often took ‘nature walks’ to admire spring flowers.” ?

Georgene (See her comment on MONTHLY QUESTION) posted, “… in Colorado Springs, Colorado for ages 7-8, Pueblo, Colorado for 9-12 and a few more years beyond that, too!” 

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