In the video game, “Final Fantasy VII,” there is a part where the main character, Cloud Strife, falls through a roof into a church in a rundown part of town. Right in the middle of the church is a patch of the most beautiful flowers in the world!

There is also a scene in the movie “Return of the King” where Frodo Baggins stumbles into a dark cave and is faced with a huge nasty spider that is about to devour him. In the midst of the darkness he remembers that the elves gave him the light of their star, Earendil. Frodo pulls it out so that it frightens away the spider and lights his way.

This is what life is like. There are times when I am walking through a dark patch. I face trials and tribulations. But if I trust in Jesus, I will shine with His Light.

Bookworm (July ‘19) says, “Jesus wants to be my Light in the darkness and my flowers in life’s ruin. He loves me so much!

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