Atlantic sunrise

At beginning and
End of ocean

The sun comes up
… For early morning
Seated on the sand 
Beach towels spread
…in red, yellow and green –

We four of us –
Son, daughter-in-law,
granddaughter and me,

Not forgetting Mae-Mae, –
Walk on white soft

A mile walk,
Where everyone

Now awake
Walks along, too
Dogs catching balls,
Or running,
Little-legged Mae-Mae
Keeping up….

Mae-mae and my son

Gayle Bluebird (July’19) adds, “This poem was written in Saint Augustine when my oldest son and family and I spent a few days relaxing and being tourists. The walks on the beach early morning were special, watching the sunrise, with other people who had gathered to watch and to walk along the edge of the ocean. Everything seemed like an edge, the edge of the ocean, the edges of the orange sun while rising, even the edges of different ages in our family, young and old.  Dogs were enjoying the experience as well.  Lots of happiness free and easily accessible at the ocean.”     

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