The Outdoor Kitty, Grumbles, is a character. He’s an-indoor-and-outdoor cat and a unique combination of tame and wild!

About dusk I go outside and call him. Sometimes I get quite a walk out of getting him to come to me. My yard is about two acres and when I walk around it several times calling my pet, I might get a full mile’s walk. As I go around calling, “Grumbles?”

No cat. Instead, I find squirrels, the occasional “evil” chipmunk, that bachelor buck, does and their fawns, a few crows, a catbird, a couple of hawks and songbirds settling in for night.

Finally, I hear that uplifted, high-pitched “Meow!” At last, The Outdoor Kitty trots out from the woods.

Malaina (Sept.’19) adds, “Of course, even though Grumbles took his time answering my calls, he ex-pected to be picked up and given a treat!”

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