Hurricane Dorian’s purple sky
Hurricane Dorian’s purple sky

The sky turned purple
After tested by a hurricane.
Six women shared
How they got to where we
Were, in a large apartment

Most of us would agree
We are “the feminist six,”
Sitting with our wine
And our stories—poems
Pulled out of our pockets –
And our books,
Or painted canvases.

Common and uncommon, we are
Well- traveled, educated, how
Our secrets are not worth
The hiding—

Together the words of
Each of us—shared.

The evening had no real
One of us would be marching

For “We the People”

September 23 in D.C. –

But hereafter all of us

will know
Each other in the quiet
Energized, not in the least
Bit old,
But growing younger—

Gayle Bluebird(Sept.19) “Just because one lives in a senior high-rise does not mean one’s passions end.  Myself, I find I have more time, less to worry about, still writing, planning and traveling. It should not be surprising that there are others like myself. Getting together to share our individual lives, past and present, is special.  If you like my poems you can order my newly published book, Early Morning Words on Amazon for $6.50.

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