around the frame nov 2019 – our experiences


You have published your book?!  How exciting for you. It is gratifying to accomplish a goal involving your passion, isn’t it? 

I’ll look forward to reading a copy when it is available for Kindle.

Linda Rosenthal

Linda Rosenthal (Oct.’19) adds, “I have now downloaded the Kindle edition of Frances’ book. The first chapter of her book – wow! She is a polished writer.”



  I am just so sorry to hear about David’s anxiety. I hadn’t heard of the weighted blanket for calming except I know there is something similar to use to calm dogs during thunderstorms.

Interesting…my cat wasn’t fazed by the summer thunderstorms, but Jonesy becomes a mess. I sometimes take him into my walk-in closet, along with my laptop, and we cuddle during the storms. It is so sweet that David appreciates your efforts. He’s a lovely man.

I haven’t visited Indiana since July but will be going back the end of October to see my grandchildren in Beauty and the Beast. Both children are also in Sounds of South, their high school show choir. (He has a part and she is in the chorus.)

I have been considering a move to Indiana and during my visit I will tour a condo community there. It would be good to be around more people. As a plus, residents have free transportation to the local university’s music school events, particularly theater, music, and dance. I would love that!

Where I live, those things are too expensive to participate in often.

While I don’t have a total understanding of the entire cost, my monthly/ annual fees there would equal what I spend per month/year here, everything considered. That means, for my additional expenses such as clothing, airline tickets, gifts, the unexpected, etc., I’d have to dig deeper for that. I’d probably be going from 2,100 sq. ft. living space to an estimated 600-700 square feet.

More will be revealed!

Love you,


Elaine (Oct.’19) adds, “I’m having second thoughts about making the move. My primary incentives are wanting to be nearer family and wanting to get away from six months of intense heat.”


Hello Frances,

Thank you for your letter. I have had a couple of “crazy weeks” myself. I did not keep up with everything, either. Things I had planned were forgotten.

I was in a lot of pain. I am walking with a cane. My sister-in-law took me to the doctor, he said, “You pulled a nerve that runs up the back of your leg.”

I am slowly feeling better.

Sorry to hear David is anxious. My daughter had a difficult summer, too. She was always upset about something!

As you say, we have to remember our own lives are important too! We have to give ourselves a break.

I am happy my sister-in-law helps me. She also brings me a lot of books and magazines. I don’t know what I would do without her.

I hope you and your husband are doing OK. Take one day at a time.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Oct.’19) adds, “Your car ride back to Florida may go better than you think.”


Liz in Sedona


I just camped and hiked in Sedona with the Sierra Club. It was very beautiful there. I thought about you.

I hope you get to visit there soon!

Liz/Moascar (Oct.’19) adds, “A flute player named Robert was sitting atop one of the vortexes playing which really added to the atmosphere.

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