mth sept 2008 – get to know me


This month’s question:

“A friend helped me…”

Georgene (Aug.’08) tells us her story, “Two friends helped me start again.

In 1994 my marriage was melting down like a cheap candle. The wax puddle was hardening and my husband and I were so weary of our high maintenance marriage that we were paralyzed.

Counseling had confirmed that the only reason for us to stay together would be because we wanted to stay together — it would always be little more than a “roommate” marriage. We had no battles, no unkindness … just a day-to-day existence of being alone together.

I knew that my husband could live like that forever. He required so little of me. I, on the other hand, was the one who needed so much. I had never lived alone. I was terrified of moving, being financially strapped, and of life as a middle-aged single.

In, 1995 a friend let me stay in a spare bedroom for two months. Her home was miles away — a goodly commute to work, but more importantly far enough away so that I couldn’t easily run “home.” She left me alone to deal with my fear and to grow.

When the two months were up, Another friend offered her spare bedroom and a full rental situation. We were roommates, sharing morning coffee, conversation, chores, and fun. It was the rest and family environment that I needed to follow through with a divorce, which turned out to be sad, but as emotionless as the marriage.

Twelve years ago my friends, Diane and Frances, extended loving kindness and helped me start again. And my broken heart was mended because of them.


October’s prompt:

If you had a personal servant who would perform only one task a day, what job would you ask him/her to do?

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