mth nov/dec 2008 – get to know me


November-December’s prompt:

“In what field of study would you like to take a two-hour crash course?”

June Poucher (Oct.’08 ) responds, “When I read the above question, it took me back many years to my childhood. My dad was a handyman and, as a youngster, I thought he could do anything. I was always at his heels. During the Great Depression I learned a lot about building by watching him improvise with whatever materials were available. If I had been a man, and had had the opportunity to go to college, I would have studied architecture. My interest in building has persisted. In the 80’s I designed a log cabin that my husband and I built in the Georgia mountains. I was very comfortable in that role; the men we hired took orders from me as I worked alongside them. Through the years I have completed many projects with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Now time is catching up with me and I miss those things I can’t do anymore.”

January 2009’s prompt: If you could bottle some part of nature to share, what part would you choose?

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