around the frame dec 2019 – our experiences


Good to hear from you! Between the rain, traffic and “tummy troubles,” I’m sure you were glad to arrive in Florida and just crash for a couple days! I had to smile when you mentioned in your letter to e-readers that JK was back in his happy place with the warm weather.

I really enjoyed the November 2019 Ninepatch; especially your story about having your bidder’s card for a quilt and also the poem by Gayle Bluebird, “Indelible Ink.”

Maybe next year’s auction will be the one when you find the quilt that you want.



Chantal (Nov.’19) adds, “I have made my reservation to go south and will again leave the day after Christmas. Yea!”


Replica Quilt

Hi, Frances:

I was looking through some photographs of our previous trips. I found this one, a modern replica of a quilt made by ladies from the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia.   Powerful work. 

It reminded me of your recent Ninepatch story about the Amish quilt sale.  


Linda Rosenthal (See her book review in INSTRUCTIONS.)


Dear Frances,

I so appreciate receiving Ninepatch and keeping track of everybody else – and you!

Since I read the paper version, I also enjoy your regular notes and things you sometimes stick inside the pages. I also like the special sticky-note quotes and sayings I get every month from other Ninepatch friends.

It all helps me feel grounded and connected.

I love you dear friend – and, I will write again!


Nancyann (Aug.’19) adds, “You know I’ve never thrown away a Ninepatch and in my de-cluttering I know I have that pile somewhere! Recently, we sold our summer place and moved everything we wanted to save here. So, you understand my current questions: Shall I save this? Where can I put this? There’s some confusion, too, but I will find my precious stack!”


Dearest Frances,

For a while, times were pretty rough at the house I share with other women. The other house mother ended up with a horrible staph infection in her leg. Finally, I convinced her to go to the emergency room. This was especially important because she also has congestive heart failure. (Her heart doesn’t work just right.)

The doctors admitted her. I was left to run the house for/ with eight other women with a whole bunch of hormones! Ha!

The lady is out of the hospital now, but not quite healed. She continues to go to “wound care” three days of the week.

I do my best to keep things going as smoothly as possible. I don’t want trouble for her since she’s been so sick!

Many blessings and hugs,


Meschelle (Nov.’19) adds, “Thankfully, it looks like we’re turning the bend with her being so sick!


1998 or 1999, front/center. I shop at one of Jodi’s BIG sales.

Dear Fritzie,

I think of you often. I have this pile of things to take care of. One is this picture (above) I’ve been meaning to send you. It is long overdue.

I wrote you once and forgot to put it in an envelope. Remember that. (So like me.) But this time I have the envelope ready and I’m going to get this sent today!

I imagine you sitting down, sipping coffee with your feet up and finding peace.

Hope this also finds you healthy and happy.

Love to you,


Jodi (Apr.’17) adds, “I miss you. We have a special connection.”


Hey Fritzie!

  We got some snow last night. It’s only November, but the temps are really low.  In the twenties. 

The ducks did not show up to eat, but the birds did. They ate the food on the banister of the deck.  The day is supposed to warm up a bit so the ducks might come later and eat the food I put out for them.  The geese were here, but they didn’t eat the food either.  I think something is scaring them.

  Going to close for now missy. Will talk to you later.


Patricia (Nov.’19) adds, “My granddaughter is contemplating going to the Naval Academy. (Her dad is a retired naval pilot.) I just finished a book called Nerves of Steel by Tammie Jo Shults. It’s about a woman who was a naval pilot. After her Naval tour, she flew for Southwest Airlines. 

She was the captain of the plane and when one of the engines blew, she brought the aircraft down safely. 

I may send my son the book.  I hope he will share it with his daughter. It is a great story.”


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