mth jan 2009 – your house by the water



(The 2009 Self-Discovery Game)


Included with our last issue each year is a self-discovery exercise which we hope readers will use to get to know themselves better. My calendar read, November ’08 when June Poucher (Nov.-Dec. ’08) sent in her drawing which appears to be, “A wide stream flowing past the home with a narrow footbridge across it.”

In Kokology 2, the games’ authors, Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito suggest this might mean, You keep an intimate circle of personal relations, while holding the rest of the world at arm’s length. That may make you a little harder to get close to than others, but it also means that when you call someone your friend, you always mean it.

In at least partial agreement, June explains, I chose the river with a footbridge. I think that means I guard my privacy. I like some company, but I am selective about whom I allow to get close. That is why the footbridge is narrow; it allows only one person to cross at a time. The house is leaning a little but it is old; both of us are tired! ;- )

Frances, Editor adds, “Please send us your house by the water!”



The new year offers several opportunities to be involved with Ninepatch. We are hoping to see your sketch of your home by the water. If you are shy about drawing, you can simply describe your setting, too.

Another opportunity to share is replying to our “Monthly Question.” While there were no comments sent in this month, we continue to offer questions. Our February question is, “What is the longest line you ever stood in?”

A third subject is our theme for the first half of 2009: “How do you really feel about being / not being a parent?”

A last idea is “open.” Frances LOVES to read letters stories, poems and e-mail, so send her some “ink!”

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