(Letters to the Editor)


Did I write to you? I thought I did but I’m not really clear on that.  I’m feeling over-loaded these days – lots to be grateful for though. 

I remember you were upset during your late October “re-entry.” I can identify with that. (I did tell you we’d sold our place up North, didn’t I?)  I’m so glad it’s over. Surprised at what a relief it is to have just one house to take care of. 

Now my burden and my joy is tied up in decluttering all my stuff.

Take care.

Love you,


Nancyann (Dec. ‘19) adds, “That stuff is part of ME that just got stuck in a closet for all these years.” 



I just started the book The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon. The book is written as if the author has autism.

I suspect that one of my grands has autism.  It hasn’t been addressed as yet. He’s twenty-one and in college. ( I’m just about to broach the subject with my son.)

Meanwhile, I suddenly have a new purpose in life: supplying stories to our two small town newspapers. I wrote a long one about our ninety-year-old WWII Czech survivor and librarian.

That’s what started it all.

Gail (Oct.’19) says, “It feels good. There are soooo many stories to tell.”


Dear Fritzie,

As you may remember, my mom passed. She didn’t want a service. I was relieved since I am such a crybaby. Her passing was an out of body experience for me, but each day is some-what better.

The holidays were tough, but I was strong and upheld the family traditions. Dad hung in there. He’s a great little guy – always helping out. I give him simple odd jobs to keep him busy.

Love to you,


Jodi (Dec.’19) adds, “Dad’s been great! He’s not that well. We go to lunch after financial meetings, doctor visits and such. He enjoys it.”


Dear Frances,

I got your letter today and will answer right away since my last letter was stalled in forwarding.

After my doctor told me I had pulled a muscle in my leg, I rested it. I am doing much better: no cane and no walker! I am back to my usual activities.

My sister-in-law is getting ready to leave for Florida for the winter. She does so much for me. I will miss her!

Love and Prayers,


LindaSue (Nov.’19) adds, “I hope you can relax a little once you are settled in Florida.”



Recently, my daughter and I took a bus trip to Chicago. The trip was fun but everything is so expensive! (We had not planned on buying anything anyway.)

  We rode the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. It was scary at the top when the wind made the gondola move at 196 feet up.  We also went in a few of the large stores like Nordstrom which is where the bus parked. We both loved the Cheesecake factory where we shared yummy raspberry cheesecake. 


Surprisingly, the weather wasn’t bad.  Decorations were fun to see. 

Nortstrom’s Christmas Tree.

Dottie (Dec.’19) adds, “Several of my pickleball friends went later on. They said the lines were extremely long for every-thing. Glad we went when we did!”


Hello, Frances!

We have been talking winter journeying practically all year since we have returned last spring to work again.  Bill has been busy on a solar power upgrade for our motor home. He’s completed the system.

We’ll be heading to south Texas this year, back to the Big Bend National Park.  We enjoyed it last year and are looking forward to spending more time there this year.

We plan to leave in December.

Linda Rosenthal (Dec.’19) adds, “Big Bend is a fascinating place, very different than Michigan.”  


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