From week one:“A weakness can be good when it…”

Georgene (Jan.’20) commented, “A weakness can be a good thing when it results in a partnership where strengths offset weaknesses. The seed of a long-lasting and successful relationship.”


DVL (See also “Smallest gift comment)said, “A weakness can be a good thing when it forces you to confront and overcome that weakness whatever it may be: addiction, physical handicap and so forth. Remember the old saying, ‘The same hammer that shatters glass tempers steel!’”


From January 2020 week two: “My favorite book read as a child was…”

Liz/Moascar (Nov.’19) said, “Molly’s Miracle. It is a story about an eohippus (an extinct mammal that is known as the first horse.) that finds his way to the stable of a farm horse named Molly who had yearned for a baby of her own. I loved that one and also the Little Women books.


Georgene (See previous comment) responded, “The Trixie Belden Series. Trixie was a “girl detective.” I still love detective novels and movies. (If you love a good detective mystery, be sure to see the movie, ‘Knives Out.’)”

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