Recently a friend told me how much she enjoyed attending groups for discussion that fea-tured personal sharing on a topic without others questioning or adding to what had been said.
I’m more of a one-on-one or small group person.
This preference is not new. Since I was a child, I didn’t like slumber parties and I didn’t like high school groups like “cheer block,” either.
I can take small dinner parties, but no progressive dinners for me! I don’t mind taking classes that don’t require a lot of interaction. My church has a lot of group-y activities which I’ve tried. I haven’t returned for the sequential sessions.
An exception to this general category might be art classes. Unfortunately, those have become expensive. Also, a down-side of art classes is I have to go back semester/session after semester to really progress.
I think my favorite group is a presentation followed by questions and answers. There’s always a great feeling of unity after one of these forums.
Elaine (Feb.’20) adds, “I used to think there was some-thing wrong with me when I didn’t enjoy attending some groups. But in my maturity, I’ve decided it’s okay to just be who I am. I go to the movies with one or two people and out to lunch that same way.”

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