My Mae-Mae
My Mae-Mae

The nice thing about Pets, They have no political Affiliation, No preferences of Candidates, Limited their likes, To which Dry or wet food, Adamant about Treats, (you would Think they could read Labels), Love they give Indiscriminately, Unconditionally, Not Needing to be Analyzed, No marriage counseling Is needed— The issues we question Focuses narrowly on How we treat them— Even euthanasia Needs no debate— The press whether The NY Times, Whether on TV Fox News or MSNBC, The fuzzy looks of Smiling dogs or cats Or speaking parrots- Needs no Ratings— And even those (animals) from Beyond our country ‘‘Tis of only We” We broaden our outlooks, From African deserts To sparkling seas, We forget Discrimination or Racism— Happy we are to watch How simple life Can be— No walls are built, We agree, Did I say we agree? Yes I did, It is settled, all of our Pets are winners!
Gayle Bluebird (Feb.’20) adds, “It is not uncommon for so many of us to agree we feel loved most and unconditionally by our pets. My little Chiweenie (part Dachshund, part Chihuahua) is always happy and agreeable, ready to go with me without complaint. Both of us are older
(she, at ten) and me at seventy-seven. I like to think we will both last forever, but know one of us will go sooner than the other.”

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