Our webmaster, Lynn (See her letter in AROUND THE FRAME) needs help. She does not know how to proceed with the Word Press program the site uses. She is also overwhelmed with family needs and cannot give time to the matter.
Ninepatch needs a new webmaster. If you are willing to fill the volunteer this volunteer position, kindly contact Frances.
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On our web site at Ninepatch9.org you will find archives. Our webmaster Lynn (See her letter this issue.) went to quite some effort to make these available.
Notice a date after “Lynn” in her letter? Each newsletter contributor has a date after his or her name. That is the issue where person last appeared. You can (in most cases) follow a person’s “story” back to the first date he or she appeared.
Frances Fritzie Editor adds, “I admit I have made an error here and there, but the date is usually off by just one issue. Since I am commonly working of more than one issue at the same time, occasionally, I forget where I am writing the proposal! For example, if the date says ‘Jan.’18,’ it may actually have been ‘Dec, ‘17’ or even ‘Feb. ‘18.’ ”
NINEPATCH FACEBOOK Following are discussion topics for April 2020:
Week 1: “The right place at the right time.”
Week 2: “When did you last yell at someone? Why?”
Week 3: How do you react when someone sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to you in a restaurant?”
Week 4: “Do your close friends tend to be younger than or older than you?”
Week 5: “Describe the world you imagine a hundred years from now.”

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